22449788_10208217961805072_2746573276500383292_n.jpgHello and welcome to our blog, my name’s John and I’m a 26-year-old blogger from the greatest Town in Yorkshire, Huddersfield. My fiance, Aoife, is a 27-year-old pharmacist from the Emerald Isle, Belfast.

Together we wanted to create a blog that chronicles our journey from Cancun, Mexico to the most southerly parts of South America. We wanted to do that for all the normal reasons one wants to make a blog, but also for another more important reason. To provide some realism.

We don’t use Instagram filters to make an average place look amazing, we won’t tell you something is ‘must-see’ if it’s just okay, and we won’t bore you to tears with our ‘spiritual enlightenment’. We’ll keep it real, and we hope you enjoy it because of that.