North London is…

Should I say southeast London is…

Home Sweet Home

Arsenal were founded in 1886 in Woolwich, southeast London. They aren’t actually from North London.

‘The money was just resting in my account’


Having been promoted to the First Division, ‘financial problems’ led the club to last almost an impressive 20 years before failing spectacularly and being liquidated and reformed. Sevco anyone?

And some more


They hold the record for top-flight longevity. This is a commendable feat, assuming you actually won promotion in the first place. They didn’t. With the expansion of the Fist Division in 1919, Liverpool’s then-Chairman John McKenna insisted Chelsea be re-instated, having fixed their last league game against Manchester United the season before to doom the South Londoners. Conveniently, he also suggested Division Two minnows Arsenal be elevated, for absolutely no apparent reason.


inter fairs.jpg

The FA Cup stopped being a thing the minute Manchester United decided to opt out and jet to Rio to test themselves against Necaxa (points if you don’t have to Google them). The invincibles are not in the top 5 point scorers in even the premier league era, never mind being considered the best. A generation has grown up and been subsequently disappointed by Arsenal since this side even existed. Lets talk history though; a club can only be judged on a global scale by its European achievements (just ask Liverpool fans). Lets compare Arsenal against say…Tottenham? Each have won one Uefa Cup Winners Cup (Tottenham’s in 1962/63 making them the first British team to win a European trophy). In addition to this, Tottenham boast a further two UEFA Cups. Arsenal to be fair themselves being the proud holders of the 1970 Inter-Fair Cup (no, me neither). To put this in context, Leeds hold two of the bloody things.

The Emirates Cup in general


In 2017, Sevilla beat Arsenal 2-1, finishing with a 100% record. Arsenal still managed to contrive a way to award themselves the trophy. Even the demented-looking Gunnersaurus hung his head when that sleeping bag shuffled out of the technical area to celebrate.



Every club has their own random celebrity, even the Posh have Iron Mike. Arsenal are no exception and can proudly boast – Piers Morgan, Barron Trump and Osama Bin Laden (no, really, Google it). Oh, and the Queen, I suppose. Going by regular fans however we have that Pirate-looking fella, the blokes who run Arsenal Fan TV, and 13’000 Canon-toting package tour fans every weekend.

But Spurs are a selling club…


Fair enough, that is pretty disappointing, as keeping your top players is vital. Just imagine the Gunners relief at hanging on to Cesc Fabregas. Samir Nasri and Alexis Sanchez. Even a certain club icon was desperate to Va Va Voom his way to Catalonia.

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