7 Reasons Arsenal will always be North London’s Number One

Spurs fans have been shouting down Arsenal fans for the past two seasons, telling them how the power has shifted in North London. The Gunners have indeed suffered a slump as Arsene Wenger’s management career descended into farce. Unai Emery has got Arsenal back on track and it looks like the club are on their way back to putting Tottenham in their place.

Arsenal Spurs

Below are SEVEN reasons that Arsenal will always be bigger, better and more successful than Spurs.

  1. Trophies

Tottenham last won the league in black and white and their last trophy win was the League Cup when Juande Ramos was manager (remember him!?!).

Arsenal on the other hand have won the most FA Cups in English history and made a habit of claiming doubles. Arsenal also had the best team in Premier League history, when they won the title in 2003-2004 going unbeaten.

2. Stadium

Arsenal moved to The Emirates stadium of their own back, raising the money they needed to build the capital’s best stadium. Spurs on the other hand took money from dodgy groups to build their new stadium, which isn’t even ready yet.

Spuds fans have boasted about their stadium having a cheese room and a bigger capacity than Arsenal’s ground, but at the moment it’s covered in diggers and cement mixers. Spurs stadium nightmare is the very definition of tinpot.

3. Fans

Perhaps because they’ve lived in Arsenal’s shadow for so long, Spurs fans have a chip on their shoulders. They throw so much abuse to Arsenal supporters that it’s just embarrassing.

Meanwhile Arsenal are more interested with their proper rivals, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, not some tinpot mob from down the road.

4. Legends

When Spurs moved from White Hart Lane to their new stadium (Wembley), they paraded a series of legends on the pitch. One of those ‘legends’ was Peter Crouch, a man not even as good as Anders Limpar.

5. Chants

“What do we think of Tottenham?”


“What do we think of shit?”


An undoubtedly fantastic chant sung by Arsenal fans when they’re watching their side dispatch another side on the pitch. Spurs fans have just nicked this song for their own, that’s tinpot. Think of your own tunes.

6. Harry Redknapp

Seriously, who employs Harry Redknapp? I’ll tell you who, Bournemouth, West Ham, Birmingham, Southampton, Portsmouth and Spurs. You’ll never come across a bigger list of tinpot clubs in your life.

7. Bottle

Spurs simply have no bottle, they don’t have what it takes to cross the finish line when it really matters. They blew the league when Leicester won it, they haven’t won a trophy in years and they always blow it in Europe.

In the World Cup two teams with plenty of Spurs players in their ranks both bottled it in the semi-finals, England and Belgium. Mind you it’s no wonder Spurs are a bunch of bottles because they have ZERO history of being successful.

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