The Epiphany

Wine Rack

This might look like a strange picture to start a travel blog with, but I promise you it’s not. You see, the set-up above was my office in May 2017. I was the manager of a wine shop, working for a large company, in a position that I had craved for almost two and a half years.

The problem though, was that I wasn’t happy. I’d reached the goal that I’d set for myself years ago. I should have been ecstatic, excited and proud but instead I felt trapped. It was as if reaching my goal made me realise that I never actually wanted to achieve my goal.

I was worn out, and I needed a change, I just didn’t know what the change was. I applied for a job that I thought would make me happy, when I didn’t get it I crumbled. The walls came in around me. I was lost, floundering. Then it hit me. Do something fun with your life, don’t waste your time at 26 being unhappy, go out and explore.

One night, with the help of my parents I decided that I would wave goodbye to the grind of the wine shop and travel Central and South America with my beautiful fiance. I set a date (11th September) and began to prepare. Well, to be honest my fiance did most of the preparing, but I was present for most (some) of it.

We decided to start in Mexico, Tulum to be precise, before making our way down to Chile via (take a deep breath) Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

This blog will be updated weekly with the news of our travels, warts and all. Hopefully it will give you the inspiration to do something that you’ve really been hoping to, or maybe it might just scare you off. At the very least, I hope it makes you smile, and maybe even laugh.

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