Premier League Lookout

After a great international break for England, the Premier League returns today and here we give you our list of the 3 biggest things to look out for this weekend. Mourinho to spark up on Stamford Bridge touchline Jose Mourinho ain't really the nicest of guys is he? The Portuguese manager has hidden in a … Continue reading Premier League Lookout

Deeney and Dumbledore – why stats don’t matter

Stats have long been used, from grass roots level right to the top tiers of management, and taking in the armchair pundit along the way, to stoke debate, gauge value, and determine a player or team’s performance. They can also be wildly misleading. The cake is a lie. For those who did not sink years … Continue reading Deeney and Dumbledore – why stats don’t matter

The 5 best players in Premier League history

The Premier League is an institution that is known around the world and since its inception there have been a whole host of tremendous players gracing England's top flight. But who has been the best player in the Premier League era? Read on to find out. 5. John Terry The 37-year-old assistant manager at Aston … Continue reading The 5 best players in Premier League history

North London is…

Should I say southeast London is... Arsenal were founded in 1886 in Woolwich, southeast London. They aren’t actually from North London. ‘The money was just resting in my account’ Having been promoted to the First Division, ‘financial problems’ led the club to last almost an impressive 20 years before failing spectacularly and being liquidated and … Continue reading North London is…